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Ulfberht General Technical Specifications

This information is not yet complete and will be updated soon.

Part NameDescriptionMaterialFinishWeight (pounds)Length (inches)Height (inches)Width/Diameter (inches)
Ulfberht Complete Rifle Complete rifle assembly, unloaded and without magazine N/A N/A 19.8 41.25 collapsed, 50 extended 8.5 1.75
Receiver Forged receiver 9310 steel alloy Melonite        
Receiver top cover   Aluminum Hard-anodized        
Handguard Material thickness of 0.125 inches, 10-32 threaded screw holes spaced at 1.812 inches in 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions Aluminum Hard-anodized    19.0 3.0 1.75
Barrel 1:9.3-inch twist, six-groove deep Enfield pattern rifling, M18x1.5 muzzle threading 4150 chrome-moly Melonite   27.5 (installed)   Under handguard: 1.10
Shoulder: 1.35
Front: 0.885
Front shoulder: 0.83
Carrier   17-4 precipitation-hardened stainless steel Ionbond        
Bolt   17-4 precipitation-hardened stainless steel Ionbond with DLC        
Extractor Plate-style extractor 17-4 precipitation-hardened stainless steel Ionbond        
Ejectors Twin ejectors S7 tool steel Ionbond        
Firing pin   420 through-hardened          
Locking lugs   Case-hardened 8620 steel alloy Manganese phosphate        
Gas block   Case-hardened 8620 steel alloy Melonite        
Gas piston   Proprietary steel alloy Melonite   19    
Butt stock Magpul PRS            
Butt stock adaptor   7075 aluminum alloy Hard-anodized        
Trigger Geissele Automatics SSA® two-stage, 4.5-pound, non-adjustable trigger S7 tool steel          
Pistol grip Ergo Deluxe model            
Magazine 10-round capacity, double-stack configuration Reinforced polymer   0.41      
Flash hider Three-prong compact 4140 alloy steel Melonite 0.2 2.5   1.0
All springs except for the ejector springs are rated for six million cycles.
All springs except for the firing pin return spring are chrome silicon alloy or stainless steel.
All internal pins are stainless steel.
All components of this rifle are custom-designed or adapted to fit the rifle.