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.50 Beowulf® Ammunition Featuring 200 Grain PolyCase® Inceptor™ ARX® Projectiles!

August 7, 2015

.50 Beowulf 200g PolyCase Inceptor ARX ammunition

The introduction of the new Inceptor™ ARX® loading for the .50 Beowulf® again changes the dynamics of what is expected from the AR15 type rifle. Back in 2001, we introduced the .50 Beowulf® as the first commercial big-bore AR platform. The 200 grain Inceptor™ ARX® loading takes the muzzle velocity up to 2,500 FPS while maintaining the expected high muzzle energy of 2,775 foot-pounds. Advanced projectile design enhances accuracy and terminal ballistics.

Previously, the operational envelope of the .50 Beowulf® weapon system limited projectiles to a weight between 300 and 600 grains. PolyCase® uses a metal-filled polymer to create a very consistent projectile that will now match with the Beowulf® to achieve weapon function without exceeding the maximum safe chamber pressures for the caliber.

In hand with this increase in muzzle velocity is the unique tri-flute design of the projectile. Its design increases hydrodynamic shock imparted during the impact. Terminal ballistics are extremely impressive from this design. The unique shape, matched to the Beowulf®, creates an increased temporary cavity without relying on the expansion of a hollow point that may plug. The wings fracture away creating secondary fragments and additional wound channels. Ballistic gel testing shows that the wound cavity will exceed eight inches in diameter with good initial expansion and a depth of 11 inches.

.50 Beowulf 200g PolyCase Inceptor ARX fragmentation

The base slug continues to create a channel. In our tests, the core exited a 17-inch gel block reliably.

.50 Beowulf 200g PolyCase Inceptor ARX core penetration

The load is well suited to hunting applications and will extend the usable range of the .50 Beowulf® weapon system to 300 yards in some circumstances. At this range, the retained energy is 875 foot-pounds at a still-supersonic velocity of 1,400 FPS. The ammunition in a 16-inch barrel can be used for pigs as well as deer-sized game and game up to the size of a black bear.



  • Excellent terminal ballistics with the ability to penetrate deeply
  • Ballistically matched to the Beowulf® weapon
  • 2,500 FPS muzzle velocity flattens trajectory and achieves massive dynamic shock
  • Designed for hunting and self-defense applications
  • Suitable for hunting most deer-sized game
  • Ideal for hog hunting at ranges out to 250 yards
  • Projectile profile runs and feeds from all .50 Beowulf® aluminum magazines
  • Internal ballistics are perfectly balanced for the Beowulf® weapon

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