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Dealer Registration Request Form

Please read this information before continuing.

Alexander Arms® offers FFL-holding individuals and companies the opportunity to become registered dealers. Registered dealers have access to dealer-level pricing and can log in to our Online Store to purchase all available products at these discounted prices.

Have you ordered with us before? Do you appear on our public dealer list? If so, then you are already registered! Please try logging in to your account in the Online Store. If you have any questions or if your FFL has changed, you can contact us.

You or your company must hold a Type 01, 02, 07, 08, or 10 FFL.
Dealers who have an expired FFL, but also have an extension letter, should supply us with a photocopy of the extension letter as well as the FFL. We do not offer dealer-level pricing to individuals or companies who do not possess a current FFL. No exceptions are made.
FFL photocopies must be clear and legible and must be signed.
If you have a scanned image file of your FFL and extension letter, please supply it with the "Scanned FFL image file" field below. If not, we require that you send it to us by fax, e-mail, or postal mail.
Please do not submit screen captures of your FFL file opened on your mobile device.
Screen capture images are far too small to be printed and fully-legible. These images also unnecessarily include the user interface elements of your mobile device. Simply submit the FFL file to us. If your FFL image file cannot be directly printed as though it were an original, clear, and signed document, it cannot be accepted.
Please avoid submitting photographs of your FFL.
Our team is not equipped to create proper, legible documents from poor quality photographs, such as those in low lighting, of folded licenses, or with low resolution. If your FFL image file cannot be directly printed as though it were an original, clear, and signed document, it may not be accepted.
Please submit your FFL to us only one time.
You are welcome to submit the FFL to us using this form, e-mail, fax, or postal mail. It is not necessary to submit it to us by multiple methods or more than one time. Duplicate submissions result in longer processing times for all requests.
We do not require a copy of your SOT, business license, or special certificates.
Please do not submit these to us. They are not needed. California dealers should simply include their CFD number in the form field supplied below. Dealers located in Virginia must provide the ST-10 tax exemption certificate to qualify for tax exemption.
We have no minimum or maximum order requirements.
Dealers are not required to purchase product.
We have no credit card surcharge.
No credit card fees apply to any order or payment.
We do not produce or distribute a price sheet or printed dealer materials at all.
The Online Store contains all dealer pricing and product information. It is conveniently available to you at all times.
We understand that many dealers have customer orders to place with us immediately.
Your request may require several business days to be manually reviewed and completed by our team. All requests are handled in chronological fashion as quickly as possible. We kindly ask that you remain patient until your account is created.

This will be the name on your FFL above the Premises Address. Please do not enter the Licensee name (unless the same), a DBA name, or a nickname of any kind.
You must ensure that your e-mail address is typed correctly. No validation of this will occur. If it is mistyped, your request will be completed with the incorrect address and you will not receive a confirmation notification.
Please type your full license number, not an abbreviation or with masked characters.
This field is required only for dealers in the state of California.
Please make sure the file you are uploading is your signed FFL and that it is clear, legible, and can be printed as though it were an original copy. The file must be no larger than 2 megabytes and of the file types JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF/TIFF, ZIP, RAR, DOC, DOCX, or PDF. Files that are too large or not of these file types will not be uploaded with your form submission. If you have two files to upload, please submit them on a multi-page document (DOC, PDF, etc.) or compress them into one file, such as ZIP or RAR. Alternatively, you may simply fax or e-mail these files. Please do not submit your FFL to us via multiple methods or multiple times.

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